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Kiwi Mission Deni | Creative Director | Kiwi Creative

Deni | Creative Director
Design in all forms has always been an inseparable and inspiring part of her life. She brings over a decade of graphic design expertise and knows how to work the frontlines of print production = no unwanted surprises.

Jason | Sales & Consulting | Kiwi Creative

Jason | Sales & Consulting
Jason is quick to smile and is easy to talk to. He is an expert in business management and knows customer service. His innate ability to communicate ideas and generate marketing strategies makes the business world that much more accessible and easier to understand.

Deni & Jason | Kiwi Creative

Denu & Jason 
We share the love of photography! Jason has completed 4 years of University level photography classes and has compiled a stunning collection of images collected worldwide. Deni loves to challenge perspective and enjoys the art of editing images. We combine unique views and share in the creative refinement process to finish with beautiful results.


Design / Photography / Marketing / Print

Logo Design / Brand Development

Brand development is one of the most important and creative stages of design; the defining foundation of your company's visual identity. Many elements such as colour, shape and font selection speak volumes about your brand without ever saying a word. We carefully consider these elements and refine artwork to its optimal simplicity; an integral part of our design system.

Graphic Design

We create all kinds of promotional materials including rack cards, flyers, brochures, posters, calendars etc; but don't let that limit you! We are more than happy to help you bring your original projects and ideas to life.


Powerful imagery is captivating; It has the ability to speak when words can sometimes be cumbersome. We pride ourselves in working with top-of-the-line Nikon and Go Pro camera equipment. Combined with professional editing software, it’s everything you need to get completely original, custom imagery.

We also offer full access to our unique photo libraries; a great way of tying your business into the likeness of the local community. There are many stock photos of regional hotspots ready for both commercial and personal use.

Web: Broadcast Your Business

Establishing your residence in the online community will connect you to potential clients worldwide! We work closely with the web developer of your choice to ensure the look of site is intuitive to the nature of your business. Consistent branding themes and attractive imagery are all key components in communicating your services and keeping your visitors engaged.

Web: Bottom Line Value

Reach your audience, make an impression and get results. Your website is often your first opportunity to make an impression with a client. If your site is not showing up in search results, confusing, or difficult to navigate - not only will you lose that customer within seconds - but you will also have undermined the professional image of your business. In reality, if your site is inadequate, it would be best not to have it at all! We work closely with developers to help craft beautiful sites without compromising function and value.

Mobile Websites

Just as technology evolves, so do the current industry standards. Mobile websites, (condensed versions of websites) have quickly emerged as the essential online format for portable devices. While it is beneficial to have both a full website and mobile version, some may require only a mobile site to connect with their audience.


Get noticed in today's competitive marketplace!
Know your target audience, what they want and where to find them. We work with you to identify these markers and devise an integrated marketing strategy to fit every budget. With measured metrics specific to your particular goals we deliver trackable, targeted marketing.


Be wary of designers charging additional fees to convert fonts, add bleed or embed images to prepare files for transfer to the printer. We believe that fully prepared files should be standard protocol for ALL finished files and anything less simply lacks integrity.

Kiwi Creative supports local businesses and makes it a priority to keep commerce invested in your local community. We work closely with your print industry professionals to ensure you receive the most economical solutions with timely, quality results.

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